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                       Revert  Management  &  Recycling  of  Specialist  Alloys

AlbaMet Limited is a privately owned, independent revert management company and processor of nickel and titanium based alloys.

Servicing the aerospace, oil & gas and petrochemical industries, our core activities focus on recycling high value metal materials 
utilised in the likes of aerospace engine and industrial gas turbine applications. 
Our Services

CFM56 fan blades by Avionic  WizPurchasing

Sourcing nickel and titanium alloy material from industrial outlets and manufacturing supply chains.

CFM56 fan blades by Avionic  WizRevert Management Services

Providing logistics, segregation and processing of customers' materials as an outsourced service.

CFM56 fan blades by Avionic  WizInternal Market Services

Creating and managing an internal market for revert materials within large corporate organisations.

AlbaMet Limited, 4 Royston Road, Deans Industrial Estate, Livingston, EH54 8AH, UK